This Academic Year


I’m a professor in the Department of Linguistics at Gallaudet University.


* (Fall) teaching LIN 571 “Field Methods”

(More about Field Methods) I have taught graduate students field methods by collecting data from signed languages other than ASL: Iranian Sign Language or Zaban Eshareh Irani (ZEI), Japanese Sign Language or Nihon Shuwa (JSL/NS), Ho Chi Minh Sign Language, Omani Sign Language, Mexican Sign Language or Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM). More recently, I have shifted our focus to documenting the ASL communities because there’s plenty to do. Last year we did O5S5 ASL. Looking forward to seeing what we’ll do this year!

*(Fall) Linguistic Data Management seminar – deep dive in this awesome open-access book and online lessons.

*(Spring) Phonology 2

* working with two lovely PhD students (Kiva Bennett and Donovan Catt) in varying stages of their dissertations (Nozomi Tomita defended her dissertation in the spring of 2021, Heather Hamilton and Ardavan Guity in the spring of 2022 🙌)

Julie with her PhD students
Julie with her PhD students

Doing Research
* staying active with my work for SLAAASh, particularly the ASL Signbank
* Slowly but steadily (🤞🏼) contributing to Philadelphia Signs and GUDA projects
* Preparing data for sharing from “A Motivated Look at Indicating Verbs in ASL” (MoLo for short) and O5S5ASL and writing up data statements

* A short book on ASL phonology with the amazing Corrine Occhino
* About the ASL Signbank!
* Handful of abstracts for upcoming conferences

Doing Service
* GU LIN grad program coordinator
* IRB Chair
* ELAN training upon request
* On the editorial boards for Sign Language Studies and Journal of ASL Languages and Literature

All of this is while I’m being a mama to two boys in elementary/middle school and a wife to the brilliant Oz Cameron.

Julie is holding up the phone to take a selfie of herself and her family. They are standing outside with the afternoon sun shining behind them. Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera.
Julie with her family

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