Updated December 2020

Screenshot of ELAN
Screenshot of ELAN

I have used ELAN to…

* Make ASL videos as well as videos of other signed languages accessible (machine-readable)

* Transcribe ASL utterances in child acquisition data

* Analyze timing units of lexical signs

* Assign homework in my classes (explore depiction, identify phonological processes, apply different notation systems, etc.)

* Caption videos

I’ve given several ELAN workshops and have consulted with different projects on how they can use ELAN in their work. If you need some help getting started, here you go. This is meant to be a visual guide geared towards those doing research with signed languages. However, the ELAN manual developed by the ELAN creators at MPI is more exhaustive as well as kept updated.

Thanks to work with SLAAASh, we have created an external controlled vocabulary that can be used with ELAN. See here to get started.

A colleague made this based on my guide and previous ELAN trainings – Some slides compiled into a single document as a sort of “how to” guide  http://pubs.jonkeane.com/pdfs/Keane2016ab.pdf


How-To Videos
Here are some videos describing how you can use ELAN. Please note that these were made in 2013 and ELAN has considerably changed since. Also, my annotation practices (ID glossing and use of ASL Signbank, for example) have also changed since. But the basics I cover here are still relevant and, I hope, helpful!

What is ELAN? 

ELAN: Introduction and terms

What can ELAN do? 

ELAN demonstration 

Create a new file in ELAN – step 1 

Create tiers in your ELAN file – step 2  (note: if you’re working with a template file, step 2 is not necessary)

Creating annotations in your ELAN file – step 3 (note: if you’re working with the ASL Signbank ECV, this will be a bit different from what is shown in this video for step 3)

ELAN: work flow 

Link ASL Signbank to ELAN as ECV and lexicon service

(Note, I used to maintain a Dropbox Showcase for this topic. If you clicked on that link and found it to be broken, apologies! Dropbox discontinued “Dropbox Showcases” effective January 2021.)