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last updated 7/30/20

Links and sites I like to share with graduate students and colleagues

This lovely post, “Welcome to Graduate School”, by David Shorter outlines six key lessons to help graduate students in their first year

The Thesis Whisperer is a goldmine of posts related to graduate work, especially writing.

PhD Comics just gets it.

Finding good information on the Internet (2011)

So much amazingness on this site by Raul Pachecho-Vega who dispenses essential wisdom on academic writing, productivity, time management and more.

Acadeafic – Academic vlogs and blogs about the latest sign language and Deaf Studies research

Research blogging blogs about peer-reviewed research

35 Mostly Different Guidelines For Science Writers by Scientific American

Bad ideas about writing

Great thread about the review process

These are my go-to sites for language-related awesomeness.

Resources by Gretchen McCulloch as well as All Things Linguistic and Lingthusiasm (a podcast with some accessible content) as well as Mutual Intelligibility

The Austin Principles of Data Citation is a must for any linguist interested in open data (and in my opinion, that should be all of them!)

The Language Log has been posting about linguistics for years

XKCD, “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”, has plenty of relevant content

I also curate stuff here for signed language linguistics.

Some resources for linguistics (especially language documentation)

Language Documentation and Conservation
(Especially check out SP15: Reflections on Language Documentation 20 Years after Himmelmann 1998)

Sites by some of my amazing colleagues –
Carl Bรถrstell (๐Ÿ‘€ SignGlossR)
Naomi Caselli
Jon Henner
Lynn Hou (๐Ÿ‘€ Bibliography)
Ryan Lepic (๐Ÿ‘€ Topics)
Diane Lillo-Martin (๐Ÿ‘€ Sign Linguistics & Language Acquisition Lab)
Melissa Malzkuhn (๐Ÿ‘€ motion light lab)
Corrine Occhino (๐Ÿ‘€ Resources)
Adam Schembri (๐Ÿ‘€ What all linguists should know)

Sign Linguistics Corpora Network

The ECHO project

E-MELD Best Practices in Digital Language Documentation

Open Language Archives Community

Tools for Linguistic Anthropologists

Experimental linguistics in the field

The Language Archives (home of ELAN)

Endangered Languages Project

UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger

Library of Congress Digital Collections (and some great captioned videos)

Collections as Data 2016 conference

The University of British Columbia: Indigenous Peoples: Language Guidelines


“Social Media for All” Image descriptions and Transcripts by Convo Deaf Ecosystem Spotlight

“Sign language media and deafblind people” by Ben Fletcher via CRESTFest

Some of my favorite Twitter accounts in no particular order for funny and brilliant content related to linguistics, writing and academic life especially productivity and time management (btw this list isn’t anywhere near comprehensive – check out my Twitter account for who else I follow or retweet)

Gretchen McCulloch (internet linguist)
Lina Hou (deaf usage-based linguist)
Rachael Tatman (data scientist)
Calle Bรถrstell (signing tech-savvy linguist)
Diane Lillo-Martin (Linguist – sign languages; language acquisition; bilingualism)
Erin Moriarty Harrelson (deaf ethnographer)
Jon Henner (deaf applied linguist)
Gabrielle Hodge (deaf linguist at UCL /DCAL)
Ryan Lepic (signing usage-based linguist who loves gifs)
Lauren Gawne (linguist interested in gesture)
Corinne Occhino (signing usage-based linguist working to decolonize academia)
Adam Stone (deaf data scientist)
Maartje De Meulder (deaf academic)
Kirby Conrod (sociolinguist, transgender issues) and I loved their post after the GURT2019 Panel we were both on
Ronice Quadros (Sign language linguist. Professor in Brazilian Sign Language Department at UFSC. Coda.)
Laura Mauldin (NYC-based sociologist and author of “Made to Hear”, ethnography. STS. feminism. disability studies. #queer ASL interpreter)
Nicole Holliday (sociolinguist, biracial black woman)
Adam Schembri (Reader (Assoc Prof) in Linguistics. Auslan/BSL researcher. 1st gen graduate, hearing L2 signer, gay man)
Naomi Caselli (Interested in cognitive science, deaf education, sign language. Coda.)
Melissa Malzkuhn (deaf woman, creator)