This Academic Year


I’m an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at Gallaudet University.

For Fall 2019, I’m …

* teaching LIN571 “Field Methods” (the language we’re studying this year is Ethiopian Sign Language)

(More about Field Methods) I have taught graduate students field methods by collecting data from signed languages other than ASL: Iranian Sign Language or Zaban Eshareh Irani (ZEI), Japanese Sign Language or Nihon Shuwa (JSL/NS), Ho Chi Minh Sign Language, Omani Sign Language, Mexican Sign Language or Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM) (see tweet below).

We focus on learning how to work ethically with invited consultants of deaf communities to collect, process, and analyze their language experiences. Ten weeks of filmed sessions are collected. At each semester’s end, the consultants receive access to digital archives including all video footage, transcripts, and any accompanying material.

* Supervising an independent study doing an ethnographic observation of this year’s Field Methods class

* Working with undergraduate students for LIN480: Research Experience

* working with five lovely PhD students (Nozomi Tomita , Heather Hamilton, Kiva Bennett, Donovan Catt and Ardavan Guity) in varying stages of their dissertations

Julie with her PhD students
Julie with her PhD students

Going to conferences
I will be presenting two presentations at a workshop in Berlin “Doing Reproducible and Rigorous Science with Deaf Children, Deaf Communities, and Sign Languages: Challenges and Opportunities”
as well as three poster presentations at TISLR13 in Hamburg, Germany.
(I’ll link to the presentations here when I’ve completed the slides and posters 😬 UPDATE: 2 out of 5 done!)

Hochgesang, Julie A. and Amelia Becker. (2019). Absence of reduplication in American Sign Language nominal plural morphology. Conference Poster presented at TISLR13, the 13th Conference of Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research, Hamburg, Germany (September 26-28, 2019). (link coming)

Hochgesang, Julie A., Donovan Catt, Deborah Chen Pichler, Corina Goodwin, Carmelina Kennedy, Lee Prunier, Doreen Simons, and Diane Lillo-Martin. (2019). Sign Language Acquisition, Annotation, Archiving and Sharing: The SLAAASh Project Status Report. Conference Poster presented at TISLR13, the 13th Conference of Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research, Hamburg, Germany (September 26-28, 2019).

Hochgesang, Julie A., Jennifer Willow, Rafael Treviño, and Emily Shaw. (2019). Gallaudet University Documentation of ASL (GUDA): Whither a Corpus for ASL? Conference Poster presented at TISLR13, the 13th Conference of Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research, Hamburg, Germany (September 26-28, 2019).

With Emily Shaw, I’ll be co-presenting “Maintaining the Stories of the Deaf Communities at Gallaudet” at Maintainers III at Gallaudet University.

I will be presenting the keynote presentation at “the 8th Meeting of Signed and Spoken Language Linguistics (SSLL2019)” in Osaka, Japan

Doing Research
* staying active with my work for SLAAASh, particularly the ASL Signbank
* Slowly but steadily (🤞🏼) contributing to Philadelphia Signs and GUDA projects
* starting a new research project sponsored by Gallaudet RSIA priority research grants with Emily Shaw, Miako Villanueva and Paul Dudis “A Motivated Look at Indicating Verbs in ASL” (MoLo for short) with Kearsy Cormier consulting (site coming soon!)
* crossing fingers that two other grants that Emily Shaw and I submitted will be approved (don’t want to share too much information just yet but they’re language-documentation-ethnography-corpus-building all kinds of awesomeness)

* I’m writing a chapter about ethics with Nick Palfreyman for the upcoming 2020 edition of Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities series tentatively titled “Sign Language Corpora”
* I’m also editing the book mentioned above “Sign Language Corpora” with Jordan Fenlon
* I’m writing a chapter on doing work in data management for signed language acquisition for “The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management and Archiving” edited by Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Bradley McDonnell and Eve Okura Koller (should be released in 2020)
(* Dreaming about writing up a few posts for Acadeafic especially for some recent presentations and ongoing projects)

Doing Service
On top of the usual departmental and university activities like attending meetings and so on…
* IRB Chair
* ELAN training upon request
* On the editorial boards for Sign Language Studies and Journal of ASL Languages and Literature

All of this is while I’m being a mama to two young boys in elementary school and a wife to the brilliant Oz Cameron.

An image of Julie with her family (husband and two young boys) - they are smiling at the camera
Julie with her family

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